Accessories for Offset CtPs

Brand: CRON
Category: Accessories For CtPs

CRON has been producing automatic mold loading units since the first CTPs. First, 5 cassettes 5x50.3 cassettes for the G Series and G + Series developed 50 molded single cassette systems converted into 3x50, single cassette 200 and single cassette 500 dies. The new H-series models are equipped with 50 molded single-cassette automatic mold loading to the GRP.

Can be loaded with 3 different size molds at the same time
3 cassette mold loading unit

Banyo konveyörleri,3 yöne kalıp kalıp taşıma yeteneğine sahiptir.Ayrıca bu konveyörlerin üzerine punch sistemide eklenebilir

Multi-direction punch bridge - adds a high level of versatility to any CRON CTP installation with fully integrated system communication via Can Bus, multi-direction feed capability and customisable plate punching.

CRON chemical control systems (CRD) can be made adaptable to all mold bath machines. In this system, the point was determined because the bath chemical could be kept stable.