BD-460 Semi-Automatic Rigid Box Line.

Category: Box Maker

1.Hot melt automatic cycle, mixing, automatic viscosity-control series.
2.The glue coating is evenly, thickness adopt machanical tuning machanism.
3.Automatic correction using photoelectric hydraulic pneumatic mechanism, enables improved precision.
4.Automatic collect box forming part adopt guide rod, improved the precision.
5.Forming and folding mechanism adopts mechanical and electrical pneumatic to solve the whole folding ear, middle folding ear.
6.Forming and folding mechanism adopts mechanical and pneumatic together to achieve full fold into the high-end 100mm.
7.After box forming, changing the mechanism to achieve twice bubble pressing.

Paper size (AxB) Min 100x200mm      Max 580x800mm                   
Paper thickness 100-200g
Cardboard thickness T 1-3mm
Box size (WxLxH) Min 50x100x15mm    Max 320x420x120mm
Edge folding depth Rmin 10mm      Rmax 70mm
The size of folding ear Rmin 10mm      Rmax 125mm
Production speed 10-20 boxes/min
Power 10kw/380v/3phase
Heater power 7.8kw
Air supply 10L/min 0.6Mpa