Purlux DQB460 Stitcher Series

Category: Stitcher

DQB460 Semi-Auto Saddle Stitching Machine is designed specially for binding various kinds of thin brochures, pictorials, magazines, etc. It performs wire-stitching and the number of its stitching head used can be selected at will. Generally standard equipped with two German Hohner stitching heads are used for stitching. however four stitching heads at most can be used at the same time. Either single section or duplex sections can be stitched at one time. After the sections being fed manually, the  machine performs automatically to convey and stitch sections and to collect the finished books. The whole process of production is controlled electrically so that the machine is driven smoothly and is reliable for safety. It hs also the following features:

1. Having the form of staggering binding, i.e. the wire staples of the first block are staggered with those of the second block for the convenience of trimming.
2. Having small volume, therefore small floor area.
3. Frequency changer used for speed regulation.
4. Widening stitching range and raising effect- iency.
5. Being convenient to operate and maintain.

Max.stitching size               460×305  mm 

Min.stitching size                127×89  mm 

Max.stitching thickness       4  mm 

Min.stitching thickness        2 sheets(approx.0.2mm)  

Stitching speed                   30-85  v/min