Purlux Nova 12 series Stitcher Machine

Category: Stitcher

NOVA series, which is a fully automated wire stitching line with automatic threshing unit, automatic cover feeding unit, automatic sewing heads and automatic three mouth cutting system, is divided into two models with speed and size differences.

All operations are controlled by sensors and the wrong jerseys are detected and separated into the wrong jersey unit. Stitched jerseys are cut in three mouth cutting units and automatically counted in stacker unit (optional).

Maksimum Kesimtisiz Ebat (mm) 320 x 480
Maksimum Kesimli Ebat(mm) 300 x 475
Minimum Kesimsiz Ebat (mm) 108 x 153
Minimum Kesimli Ebat 105 x 148
Maksimum Sürat (Devir/Saat) 12000